Why sell with Punto Properties?

Well that is a great question to ask yourself before comitting to any agent, to sell your house.

I can asure you, there are several good reasons to list your property with us.

  • First of all, we are Belgians and the Belgians happen to represent the largest group of cash buyers in Spain.
  • As you also probably know, Belgium has 3 official languages, Dutch, French and German, and we speak all of those, in addition to English and Spanish.
  • We do a FREE valuation of your property.
  • We advertise your property in all of Europe and have local agents in Belgium and Holland that also promote your property to their client base.
  • We advertise your property for FREE on more than 85 portals.
  • No Sale – No Cost for you
  • We advertise very actively on social media and easily get thousands of views on our advertisements
  • We do a professional photoshoot of your property
  • We make a video of your property.

Advertise your property for free

Advertise your property for free! Free rental or sale ads for your home, house, apartment, cottage, shop, office, etc.
We will contact you shortly to publish your ad and to explain the benefits of partnering with us

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